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We are proud to be the provider of the most accurate information about the muslim community in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries.

Eternal Question you will never face

Few days into the coding, I had to choose between the power of Google maps vs the old age and wisdom of Yahoo Mapquest. Quite frankly, I choose to implement the Google API because yahoo is sooo 90's. So, um, yeah, no drama there either. What did you expect? This is MuslimGuide, not Gossip girl (xoxo).

Our Approach - 1] Map it, 2] Print it, 3] Be on your way

Now lets get to the serious stuff. We wanted to be different in our approach about how the data is presented to the average user. Thats why we indentified the goal of the user to be not browsing through the site for entertainment, but rather finding the needed info, printing it, and being on their way. Thats why our approach has been to let the user specify their area of interest, and then we draw a map around their specified location. We also kept the amount of information we show to a smaller level, so that we show only what is pertinent to the user's search.

Our Vision going forward

Our vision / goal is to bring all muslim organizations and professional services in one central location in order to simplify and expedite the inquisitions of our users.
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